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Stacks of gluten and dairy free pancakes

Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes Everyone Loves

Stacks of piping hot gluten and dairy free pancakes drizzled with homemade cherry syrup is a special breakfast treat that makes everyone squeal with delight. I can gauge how much the kids like a meal by how many hugs I get when they get up from the table. Pancakes is a tight-squeeze-I-love-you-mom meal, especially when topped with fresh cherry syrup!     Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes that taste and feel just right Have you tried making gluten and dairy free pancakes for your family? They either crumble as soon as you add the syrup, are so expensive you can only afford two silver dollar pancakes per person or taste so bad the dog won’t eat them? And don’t ask me about searching for recipes that actually work with our diet restrictions! Have you...

Gluten and Dairy Free Brownies

Brownies so Good They Can’t be Gluten and Dairy Free Brownies!

Rich, fudgy, smooth, silky and moist, that is how I describe a good brownie, but not how you often hear gluten and dairy free brownies described.   If you have ever baked with gluten free flours you know that it is easy to end up with a tough, dense, crumbly brick. Not this time! Proudly bring these brownies to any event and people will beg for the recipe!     This recipe, like most of my baking recipes has been years in the making. I used to make Tollhouse brownies and wanted something comparable. Failed attempts have been everything from dry bricks to sticky soup that hardened in the bottom of the pan and took days to clean out. My kids are sweet and will eat most of my flops but I can tell by...

Family helping each other

Jesse’s Healing Journey – How Gluten Free Foods and Holistic Medicine Saved His Life

Early October 2017 was sunny and beautiful, a perfect time to finish fall clean-up chores as we headed towards winter. Jesse was weed whacking and the kids teamed up raking leaves and cleaning up debris.     I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on my pie crust recipe when Aidan came bursting through the door. My heart stopped, the blood drained from my face as he shouted “Dad is on the ground and can’t get up!” My mind raced. Was he alive, did he have a heart-attack, maybe a stroke?   Flying out of the house I shouted over and over, hoping he could answer back. I heard a faint, “I am over here.” Thank God, he could talk! As I rounded the corner I could see him on all fours struggling...