January 2019 - Road To The Farm
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Fresh cherry syrup for gluten free pancakes

Cherry Syrup for Gluten Free Pancakes

I get asked all of the time what I do with tart cherries. Honestly, I will happily warm them up with a little sugar and eat a whole bowl full of them, but I try not to be so indulgent. The bulk of our cherries get tossed into fruit smoothies, but tart cherry syrup over gluten-free pancakes is for sure the family-favorite! https://youtu.be/d9auKcdvCmI You can make this from frozen or canned cherries, sweet cherries, or my favorite fresh, tart cherries. Fresh cherries need pitted before you do anything with them. My favorite method for tender, tart cherries is an open paper clip. I learned this from my friend Laurie at Common Sense Homestead and have used it ever since. Cherry Syrup Recipe Once the cherries are pitted the process is really fast and easy...