February 2018 - Road To The Farm
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vegan mayonnaise

Vegan Mayonnaise Your Family will Crave

Vegan mayonnaise got you down? It is expensive from the grocery store and doesn't compare in flavor to fresh, homemade mayonnaise. Many brands contain soy which is a common allergen. Avocado mayonnaise is egg free, diary free, soy free and nut free.   Do you miss rich, silky delicious mayonnaise? There is nothing like tomato juice mingling with mayo in a veggie wrap. It is the ingredient that pulls a dish together and adds a creamy mouth-feel. Sometimes you don't realize how much you enjoy foods until you can't (choose not to) eat them anymore.     Our family has eliminated eggs because of allergies. Healing from food allergies is a journey. There are times that your body tolerates something and then decides it has had enough and you will need to eliminate that food...

fresh salsa

Beginner’s Guide to Authentic Pico de Gallo Salsa

Everything you need to know about making pico de gallo salsa including the recipe. What ingredients to use to master that perfect balance of sweet tomato and spicy jalapeño, set off by the freshness of cilantro. Use this recipe for gluten free lettuce tacos and for making fermented salsa.   There is never enough pico de gallo salsa at our house! We can eat it on steak, salad, with mexican rice or on fajitas. In fact, all we really need is a spoon!     I used to make the worst salsa! My hubby suffered blistered lips, wondered why I was serving chopped onions and chips for a snack and gagged more than a few times as I presented him with yet another attempt to master fresh salsa. Then he hinted that perhaps I should just...