January 2018 - Road To The Farm
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fibromyalgia warrior

“Fibromyalgia is Just a Group of Symptoms”

I want to write! I want to tell you about all that is going on inside of me, but it is trapped. It is trapped in my analytical mind and entangled in the swirl of emotions I feel. I struggle to put feelings into words. I feel, I know, I do, and I am, don’t ask me to (what is that word?) …verbalize what all of the feels are. Words are so inadequate in describing feelings.     [caption id="attachment_51004" align="aligncenter" width="562"] photo credit Kalen Emsley[/caption]   Feelings are color and sound and taste; there is adrenaline and temperature, there is light and dark. How can you harness all of that and just say happy or sad? I know there are many words that mean much more than happy or sad, but they pale in...